1. It’s common knowledge that girls take up way more than their half of the bed… what people don’t talk about is girl dogs. He swears he and Toothless are down to less than a quarter of the mattress, what with Astrid and Spike doing their thing on the other side. He wonders just how suspicious it would be to ask his dad for a king sized bed.

    —Stages of Grief, Foxy’sGirl

  2. I’ve been feeding on a concept of, “Astrid Hofferson does not need medicine”. Apparently her ego is Berk sized, and medicine means weakness.

    —Inspired by ‘Braced’, fanfiction by Foxy’sGirl.

    (and I have no idea why it’s pixelated. At all)

  3. 'Someone glimpses at their hands, his foot. He falters, and Astrid snarls, lip curling back from her teeth as the kid skitters around them. She grins.’ -Chasing Thunderstorms, Chapter 37

    I’d always figured Astrid to be overly protective over her man. Especially since he’s so hot he could burn the school down after the accident. Probably glaring at every girl that stares at him for more than 5 seconds. And it’d scare the shit out of them and she’d find herself disgustingly satisfied. 

  4. "Well, I don’t want to be up at one in the morning, but I can tell you’re not going to sleep."

    "So you’re going to torture me?" Astrid asks and Ruff nods.

    "Pretty much."

    Astrid finds Ruff to turn in her “girl problems” (which she hates so much) and ends up chickening out. And here’s a snippet of it. And I absolutely adores Ruff’s stupid intelligence, Yeah. Ruff is love. And yes Barf is a freaking adorable pitbull.

    Scene taken from sequel of Chasing Thunderstorms.

  5. A few days worth of AU fanfiction and here I am half crazed. IT’S SO FREAKIN PERFECT

    no idea how to produce a legitimate link-word thing. So here.


  6. Was bored, so here’s baby toothless and uh. Flipped over toothless.

  7. Here’s the babies having telepathy. In a way.

    'Oh, no, Harry, not now. We both know this is not going to happen until you've memorized the three chapters, like you said you will.'


    '—No regrets. No.'

    Finally had a (tiny) break from school work. Loooong day ahead D:


  8. life-of-an-architecture-student:



    I was supposed to do this several months ago, since someone asked a question on the other blog I run with a friend about life in architecture school. So here goes, my little exposition about architecture school…

    And so we all live through the shit we’re supposed to live through, covered with mud but happily dirty :D

  9. She loved to bury herself in some dusty old book in some remote Muggle cafe when he’s late for breakfast, as usual. Well, to be exact he wasn’t. It’s just her habit to arrive 30 minutes early for every occasion. And dates are no exception.

    Typical Hermione. And I can imagine Harry peeping through the windows just to watch her content smile while she’s busy absorbing information from some book.

    Peachy. But yeah.

  10. Having Ron as an elder brother would definitely be fun. When you know bat-bogey hexes, that is. But I love both of them still.